Miss Aubrey's Newborn Session

You guys, I was soooooo excited about this session! Newborn sessions are kind of my favorite right now. It might be because I've got baby fever,  like bad. It also might be because ALL of my close girlfriends are currently pregnant (Which FYI really makes going to the bar a challenge!)

Regardless, I love newborn sessions, but what was really exciting about this particular session is that it was the first girl in a VERY LONG TIME! Not to say that I don't love cute, squishy boys they are pretty special too!

Anyway, I was jumping for joy when Alex and Melissa told me that they had a girl, as I had added so many new props, wraps and headbands to the collection since my last girl that I was excited to play with.

Here a few of my favs. <3

Mallory Tahy